Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mosaic Art Classes in Ann Arbor

Come join the fun in downtown Ann Arbor and learn the skill of mosaic art! We use a variety of beautiful stained glasses, smalti, Dalle de Verre, and more.

Class offerings include, but are not limited to:


In this workshop you will learn advanced cutting techniques along with consultation with your composition and color ideas, about the grouting process, and be given resources about mosaic art, tools, organizations, etc. All ages and skill levels welcome.
Workshop fee: $300.- (material fee included)
Workshop time: 2 Sunday sessions from 10-3pm

Work on your own mosaic piece. Use of stained glass, embellishments for mosaics, tools, and grout included in fee. Consulting always available.
Open studio fee: $15.-/hr.
Open studio times: THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS from 10-3pm

Other mosaic class options are available for groups (limited to 8 people), parent-child classes, birthday parties and other special occasions.

Student works:

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Nancy Gioia's wild, wild horses­čÄÁ

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Rendition of Shepard Fairy's "Hope" poster

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