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Long-term project by Kathe Johnson! 


(Gift Certificates always available!)

 Evening Group Mosaic Class
Instructor: Haley Alcock
Close-up of Kathe Johnson's mosaic abstract!
Kathe at work!
In this class you will learn how to design and create a personal mosaic! You will learn how to cut stained glass, break smalti, and create a magnificent mosaic! Classes are very relaxed, laid back, and most certainly you will enjoy yourself. If you need a fun outlet during the week, just call to register for a fun evening from 6-8:30pm. 

Class time & fee:
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (chose one evening per week) from 6-8:30pm
Fee: $35.- per 2& 1/2 hour class session; one time only material fee of $25.-

*Stained Glass Mosaics:
Instructors: Haley Alcock 
In this mosaic class you will learn how to cut beautiful stained glass from sheets using several glass cutting tools in order to create your mosaic. We will be using the direct method which in a nutshell means that you cut and then glue each shard of glass onto a substrate. Thereafter, your piece will be grouted. The direct method allows for careful consideration of your design/ composition that will be freely chosen by you! By the end of the class you will have learned advanced cutting techniques and all about the grouting process. Glass, tools, and substrate are included in class. Masterpiece guaranteed!

Class time & fee 
On-going: Monday-Fridays from 10:30am -12:301-3 (You may choose from one of these times; students attend once a week)

Fee: $35.- per 2 & 1/2 hour class session; one time only material fee of $25.-

*2 Day Mosaic Workshop
Instructor: Haley Alcock
This class is the same as the Stained Glass Mosaic class, only it will be held for two long days. We recommend this class for people visiting Ann Arbor and looking for something fun to do, for those looking to make a special hand-crafted gift, and for those who like to get the job done quick! (Glass, tools, and substrates included in class.)

As well, this is a great group activity to share in with friends!

Class time & fee
The 2-day workshops are scheduled each week on the following days:

Monday and Wednesday from 10am - 3pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 3pm

Please call to register as spaces fill up quickly.

Fee: $210.- (includes material fee)

Student work from introductory mosaic class:

Susan Aitken's abstract


*Abstract Mosaics with Italian Smalti:
Instructor: Haley Alcock
Smalti is a traditional Italian glass that comes in different sized chunks and can be faceted in the traditional manner using a hammer and hardie. You will design a small decorative abstract 10" x 4" piece (sizes can vary too!), and have the option to incorporate stained glass and other interesting embellishments into your piece. We use both wheeled cutters and the traditional hammer and hardie in this class.

Class time & fee
On-going: Same as Stained Glass Mosaic class; you may jump in when you like as there is no set start date! 
Fee: $35.- per 2 & 1/2 hour class session; pre-orders for smalti glass will be necessary. The material fee will be dependent upon your order (range is usually between $25.- and upwards)


Sample abstract by Haley Alcock

Close-up of Kathe Johnson's abstract

*Youth Mosaic Workshop!
Instructor: Haley Alcock
Come join the fun and create a beautiful stained glass mosaic wall hanging, box, picture frame or perhaps something else you have in mind. Younth may piece together their mosaic using precut shards in a puzzle like fashion. They will also learn how to grout their finished mosaic. Fifteen and older may learn how to cut glass with tools with the permission of a parent or guardian. (Glass, tools, and substrates included in class.)

Class time & fee
Fee: $25.- per 2 hour class session; one time material fee of $25.- 
Call to set up a time! (734) 904-4663

Romulus High School (4.0) student, Courtney, designed her piece for her senior project that she will donate to an Oakwood teen Health Clinic !
Great going Courtney!
Katie and Maddie's masterpieces!

*Parent-Child Mosaic Class:
Instructor: Haley Alcock
Spend quality time with your child in creating a fantastic mosaic piece- they'll love it! You may wish to learn how to cut glass while your child will use precut shards of glass- sort of like putting a puzzle together.  (Glass, tools, and substrates included in class.)

Class time & fee
On-going: Same as Stained Glass Mosaic class; you may start when you like as there is no set start date!
Fee: $35.- per 2 & 1/2 hour class session (fee includes you and your child); one time material fee of $25.-

*Open Studio Time: Open studio is for those who have taken a class and would now like to dilly dally on your own. Open studio time entails  the use of studio tools and access to stained glass. 

Time: If regular class times are not completely full then you may come in during those times (see Stained Glass class times); or we can arrange other times that work with your schedule.
Fee: $15.- per hour
Guidance offered if needed during open studio time!

English Language Conversation While Making Mosaics!
Instructor: Haley Alcock
What could be a more fun way to learn English than practicing it while creating a beautiful mosaic! Pick and choose from any class! Certified and experienced English teacher will guide you in the mosaic process while incorporating English conversation.

Class time & fee:
Same as stained glass mosaic class. 


*Mosaics with Dalle de Verre slab glass
Instructor: Haley Alcock
Class time & fee:
This is a 2-day workshop that occurs several times a year. Please inquire by phone for next scheduled workshop (734) 904-4663
Fee: $235.00

In this class you will create a beautiful window piece with this unusual glass. You will learn how to sculpt thick pieces of Dalle de Verre glass with a special hammer and anvil, learning how to trim and facet each piece while creating a composition on the first day. On the second day you will learn how to cast your creation in epoxy and embellish it with glass chips if you like. Your end result will be a varied sized piece of around 12" x 12". You may also wish to create more than one piece if time permits!

Here are a few very basic samples:

To learn more about this fascinating technique and where it originated, check out this link from  Shaw Creek Bird Supply for an interestinghistory lesson about Dalle De Verre glass:

Here are some interesting examples of Dalle glass mosaics from a glass studio in Kenya:

And here is a Dalle de Verre mosaic created by fine artist, and my own teacher, Toni Smith:

To register for classes or workshops, please call us at (734) 904-4663.


Our in-studio stained glass and supply store is open to the public everyday! We do recommend that you give us a call at (734) 904-4663 before coming in to shop, as we some times step out of the studio or have classes in session. For inquires please call us at (734) 904-4663, thanks!

For further information please contact us at (734) 904-4663 or email: with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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