Friday, October 16, 2015

Mosaic Classes in Downtown Ann Arbor

Glass Shack Mosaic Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Ongoing winter mosaic classes in downtown Ann Arbor. We are located on the 2nd floor of an old historical building on Liberty St. Quite cozy and overlooking the hustle and bustle on Liberty St.- all ages and skill levels wecomed. Take a morning or evening out of the week with your parent, friends, or sigificant other and enjoy the fun, :)

Class fee: $119.- (mat fee included; choose from a 4 wk. 2 & 1/2 hour class (am or pm), or the more condensed class that meets 2 Sundays out of each month from 10-3pm.

Student works:

James with Mom, Karin- thanks for all the laughs, that was fun. Hurry on back!

"Aurora Borealis, Aurora Borealis, Aurrrrora Booooreeeealis", by Karin, :)

James' MI roots

Another MI map by Shannon Lui- nice having you and your Mom, :) Enjoy your new job!

Senond mosaic by Shannon Lui for Dad, nice!

Artist, Gregory Stewart-  great having you in the studio and sharing tips! 

Close-up, Africa

Kate Pepin- thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!

Kate's triptych of daughter and grandson taking a nap

Couples classes:

Jenny and Sam- thanks for visiting

Jenny's Mendellhal Glacier at Juneau Icefield- beautiful

Image by Jenny Wong

Aleta and Bob- thanks for visiting, :)

Kathy and Dug- thanks for visiting and listening too...:)

Bob and Mary- nice having you; hope they are now grouted 

More Moms with sons and daughters:

Sharon and son Mike-awesome- thanks for visiting! (Can't find the close-ups unfortunately...)

Nyelli and Mom Kim- thanks for visiting!

Close-up- nice shading Nyelli!

Close-up- red dress by Kim, nice!

Emily and daughter Abby- great mosaic work Abby!

Abby's mushrooms- nice colors!

Abby's seals


Alexa and Mom Wanda- thanks for visiting!

Alexa's seascape- beautiful! (Mom's coming soon, after grout, :)

Jana and daughter Sara- thanks for visiting and for the Jazz CDS- enjoying them a lot!

Karin and daughter Nicole- thanks for visiting, :)

Karin's AZ sunset, nice colors!

Nicole's floral scene - love it!

Marie and daughter Jillian- thanks for visiting!

All grouted- beautiful!

Thank you for visiting Glass Shack Studio! (If you don't see yours posted just yet, stay tuned!)

Enjoy the fall season, :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mosaic Classes in Downtown Ann Arbor

Summer mosaic classes in cozy downtown Ann Arbor studio overlooking the hustle and bustle of Liberty Street. Come join the fun in creating a one of a kind mosaic masterpiece! All ages and skill levels welcomed.

To register please call us at (734) 904-4663, or email:

Class fee: $109.- (mat fee included; 10 hour class; scroll down to see beautiful student works! Enjoy, :)

By Swati Dutta
Thank you, Swati, for the artistic inspiration, other inspiration, and good friendship, such a pleasure, :)

"Be Free", by Swati
"Be Strong", by Swati
Thank you Veronica Rabelo. So very nice to have you in the studio too, :)

Great textures. Close-ups:

By Veronica

Texture close-up
Finished product- "Ommm"; so beautiful Veronica! :)

Art teacher/Art Therapist at Ann Arbor Academy, Joannah Soderborg. Great having you up to the studio, thanks!

Skiing out west
Brother and Sister, Willy and Ann Noetzel; thanks for coming!
Brother's "Great Wave Kanagawa" rendition
Sister's world map

Thank you for visiting Cathy- it was very nice having you in the studio, :) 
"Family" by Cathy Dillion
Cathy's  "Family" mosaic was inspired by then, 11 year old Athena's "Family- Aunty, Mymy, Thener, & Grammy"
Very nice work Thener, :)

By Rita! Awe, it's awesome, :)
Close-up: Rita's tweety birds!
Love birds by Kelly, :)
Voila! By Oeishi!

So pretty, :)
Ninja! All ages welcome, :)
For the children at Boston Children's Hospital: "The world of time is not the real world, and the world of eternity is our real home. Only love is real. Nothing else actually  exists." (Stated by Marriane Williamson)

Glass Shack Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Thanks for visiting; stayed tuned for more student works (& if you have not seen yours posted  just yet).
Happy summer!