Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Finally, introducing Glass Shack Studio and some of my cherished students and their masterpieces- Yaaaaaay!!! For class information go to

Snapshots of parent-child mosaic class fun!

Kanika's Tree of Life Mosaic!

Kanika's Tree of Life! Kanika came to me wanting to decorate her Grandmother's console table that had been passed down to her. What a super, incredible person I found her to be!! She is so far the speediest of my students and one whom I learned a lot from. Because of her, I am now making mosaics on a larger scale. Thank you for the inspiration and conversations that are hard to come by!!

More Mosaics from Prized Students!

Hard at work!

Prized Mosaic Students!

Jean is taking a class with her daughter. Here's introducing her daughter's fabulous mermaid! Wow, the little ones seem to top them all! 

Prized Mosaic Students!

Eight year-olds, can you believe it?!

Here is one of Kirsten's daughter's many works. It is very surprising to me how she whips her mosaics together, while having very definite ideas at the same time. She is not interested in her mother or me giving her any kinds of ideas what so ever!

This little mosaicer is an avid designer of dresses and creates them out of magazines, twigs, leaves, clay, glass, and anything she can get her hands on.

This prized piece is entitled, "Three Ladies Dancing Under the Moon".

Middle school student's Gecko mosaic!

This is a a middle school student's mosaic of a gecko- beautiful color scheme and patterns. I'm always amazed at how fast the younger students work- they don't hold back on anything! 

Yuka's grapes!

A dear sweet person in this world, and a kind friend! Thanks for all of the fun and all of your help along the way Yuka! Beautiful colors and patterns!!

Kirsten's "Oooohm" mosaic

Kirsten wins the vote for "Most Enthusiastic Mosaic Student"- hands down! She has been taking mosaic classes along with her wonderfully talented and young fashionista daughter for 3 years now! Thank you for making classes so enchanting and fun!! 

Star mosaic from Kazuyo

Star mosaic from Kazuyo. Check out her etsy shop at where she specializes in making beautiful beaded purses, belts, and jewelry!

Stay tuned for more student works; many are in progress- can't wait to post them!!