Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sixth Grade Rural Scenes Art Lesson

This lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle blog which I believe was inspired by a lesson from Artsonia as was noted. Look over to your right and you can click on Deep Space Sparkle- it's a wonderful site, with all sorts of ideas and has kept me afloat as a first year art teacher!

You can find all of the steps on her blog which are described very well and even give you a little mapped out drawing of the barn's dimensions. If you pass out that map as I did, one suggestion I would give would be to re-do the map because some of the numbers are not clear for the students to understand. She also suggests that you ask for parent volunteers to help with the drawing process- that is a good idea as students will need your help in getting the dimensions right! I went over the dimensions together with the whole class, then answered individual questions- forming teams may be a good idea for this part as well.

We used fine point permanent markers when we outlined, which really gave each artwork a nice, detailed look. One thing I would do differently would be to give examples of farm animals that the students could draw. We didn't spend a lot of time on the animals which is something that I would do next time around.

I only have 2, 30 minute sessions (yep, 30 minutes is all- clean up, set up included) so these took over a month to do! The end results were beautiful and the students took great pride in their artworks! So "Thanks" to Deep Space Sparkle- she is a genius!

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