Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kindergarten and First Grade Cows Standing in a Sunflower Field

First set up your composition. I started with using the head of a  cow template, and passed that around to each child so that they could trace around it. That's all of the tracing they did. Though I don't like to use templates, this cow head seemed a little complicated for such little people. To my surprise the template allowed for the rest of the project to go smoothly.

We drew the heads, saving the bodies for last. Next, we drew sunflowers in the foreground. Then finally, the cow's body. Showing examples of pictures of cows and sunflowers allows students to pick and choose their designs!

We then traced over the lines with a black crayon. I would have rather used black oil pastels, but they are just little nubs at this point in the year! Thereafter, they colored in with crayons. Oil pastels would be better though, offering more vibrant colors.

Afterwards, we painted over our scenes with watercolors and viola! 

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