Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mosaic Classes in Downtown Ann Arbor

Summer mosaic classes in cozy downtown Ann Arbor studio overlooking the hustle and bustle of Liberty Street. Come join the fun in creating a one of a kind mosaic masterpiece! All ages and skill levels welcomed.

To register please call us at (734) 904-4663, or email:

Class fee: $109.- (mat fee included; 10 hour class; scroll down to see beautiful student works! Enjoy, :)

By Swati Dutta
Thank you, Swati, for the artistic inspiration, other inspiration, and good friendship, such a pleasure, :)

"Be Free", by Swati
"Be Strong", by Swati
Thank you Veronica Rabelo. So very nice to have you in the studio too, :)

Great textures. Close-ups:

By Veronica

Texture close-up
Finished product- "Ommm"; so beautiful Veronica! :)

Art teacher/Art Therapist at Ann Arbor Academy, Joannah Soderborg. Great having you up to the studio, thanks!

Skiing out west
Brother and Sister, Willy and Ann Noetzel; thanks for coming!
Brother's "Great Wave Kanagawa" rendition
Sister's world map

Thank you for visiting Cathy- it was very nice having you in the studio, :) 
"Family" by Cathy Dillion
Cathy's  "Family" mosaic was inspired by then, 11 year old Athena's "Family- Aunty, Mymy, Thener, & Grammy"
Very nice work Thener, :)

By Rita! Awe, it's awesome, :)
Close-up: Rita's tweety birds!
Love birds by Kelly, :)
Voila! By Oeishi!

So pretty, :)
Ninja! All ages welcome, :)
For the children at Boston Children's Hospital: "The world of time is not the real world, and the world of eternity is our real home. Only love is real. Nothing else actually  exists." (Stated by Marriane Williamson)

Glass Shack Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Thanks for visiting; stayed tuned for more student works (& if you have not seen yours posted  just yet).
Happy summer!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ongoing Mosaic Classes in Downtown A2!

201 E. Liberty St,  Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI, 48104
(734) 904-4663

Ongoing mosaic classes; all ages, levels welcomed. Happy summer, :)

For Sharon Redding- Thank you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Give a unique gift of creating a one-of-a-kind stained glass mosaic in a cozy studio overlooking the hustle and bustle of Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor!

($112.-, regularly priced at $225.-; materials included;  choose from a 4 wk. or condensed 2-day mosaic class; day, evening, and weekend times available)

201 E. Liberty St. , Ste 23
Ann Arbor,  MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Just a sample of some highlights from 2014! ( All ages, levels welcomed)

Deata McLemore's beautiful Flamenco dancers (just in the nick of time, :)

Baby on board during the creation of Deata McLemore ' s Flamenco dancers. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Deata and the McLemore family! (Lots of "Oooohs and Aaaahs" from the ladies in class, :)

Glass Shack Studio is happy to announce a satellite location in the works with Deata and Kier McLemore,  owners of "Bottles-n-Backpacks Childcare Development Center" in 2015! Stay tuned.
Staying with the theme, Twylla Tassava's ballroom dancers!

Tom Easthope, aka "Grandpa Moses"!
Moms, daughters, and friends
Sam, Tori, and Emma!
Emma's cat- meow, so cute!
Tori's dragon- wow!
Holly ' s sunset- nice!
Mom and daughters! 
Ruth ' s tweety birds- awe, so adorable!
Eve ' s black rose- pretty!
Martha with grandson Dillion
Beautiful sunset Dillon!
Olivia Yu's wedding party!
Congratulations Olivia, thanks for celebrating at Glass Shack Studio!
Ada Raveh's beautiful tulips! Hope you're well and see this from Isreal, :)
Such a nice composition!
Janice Noronha's beautiful peacock!

Great colors!
Maha Abu Sharkh's peacock feather close-up!
Jenny Marenghi's snazzy birds!
Neat again!
So cute together!
Marsha Benz's mixed media tree!
So interesting- love it!
Graphic design artist, Natalia Wilchowy's cherry blossom tree! (And we survived,  haha)
Heidi Mueller's painterly looking tree!
Close-up- such nice colors!
Katie Roycrost's abstract nighttime street scene!
You pulled it off Katie- beautiful!
Maria Burn's stunning rendition of a buffalo!
Just beautiful Maria- thanks for visiting all those times from far away!
Krystal Sing's giraffe- adorable!

Hope you enjoy these nice mosaics from 2014; if you do not see yours here, it will come in the next few posts!)
Happy holidays!