Saturday, August 3, 2019

New Workshop Offering: SPEED MOSAICS

In this 1 day workshop you will learn all about the mosaic process and mosaic methods/techniques. This is a 3-5 hour long workshop offered on select Sundays beginning at 10am. You'll leave with a finished mosaic piece and be given a resource guide all about mosaics.

Class Fee: $85.- (mat. fee included)

Examples from our latest speed mosaic workshops along with other student works:

Sisters taking Speed Mosaic Workshop

Speed Mosaic Workshop for Team Building Development

Thanks for visiting Kyr and Scott, that was fun 😊
Mother and daughter, thanks for visiting!

All ages welcome!

For more class descriptions please see previous post.

To register please contact:

Glass Shack Studio
(734) 904-4663

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mosaic Art Classes in Ann Arbor

Come join the fun in downtown Ann Arbor and learn the skill of mosaic art! We use a variety of beautiful stained glasses, smalti, Dalle de Verre, and more.

Class offerings include, but are not limited to:


In this workshop you will learn advanced cutting techniques along with consultation with your composition and color ideas, about the grouting process, and be given resources about mosaic art, tools, organizations, etc. All ages and skill levels welcome.
Workshop fee: $300.- (material fee included)
Workshop time: 2 Sunday sessions from 10-3pm

Work on your own mosaic piece. Use of stained glass, embellishments for mosaics, tools, and grout included in fee. Consulting always available.
Open studio fee: $15.-/hr.
Open studio times: THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS from 10-3pm

Other mosaic class options are available for groups (limited to 8 people), parent-child classes, birthday parties and other special occasions.

Student works:

Best buddies Megan & Genevieve, ☺️

Nancy Gioia's wild, wild horses🎵

By Uma, thanks for visiting, ☺️


By Susan, nice

Sisters, so cute!

By Jeannine! When are you coming back? 

Mr. Bunny

Thanks Marcina! I'll be in touch soon, ☺️
Mom-daughter class; nice seeing you Gale and hope to see you guys again!


So nice, thanks for visiting

Rendition of Shepard Fairy's "Hope" poster

Glass Shack Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Glass Shack Mosaic Studio, Ann Arbor

Student Works!

So happy, Izumi, to have you back- what a huge surprise, :):):)

Nancy Gioia's horses- stay tuned for more

By Nancy Gioia 

By Nancy Gioia 

By Nancy  Gioia- so nice!

Julie! I hope orchid is thriving. I'll look forward to your return, :)

Claire Miller's "Inner Vissions" Stevie Wonder album rendition

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Glass Shack Mosaic Studio

Glass Shack Mosaic Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 904-4663

Ongoing mosaic classes for all ages and skill levels offered throughout the year; consultations available. 

Come kick off your shoes and create a mosaic masterpiece, :)

GIFT CERTIFICATES available ($119.- for a 10 hour mosaic class; mat fee included. Please call (734) 904-4663)

Thank you to all of the kind people who have visited Glass Shack Studio throughout the years!


Congratulations Kim and Brian! Thank you Kim, for creating your beautiful Wedding Tree at Glass Shack Studio! 

Beautiful! (People are still asking about it, :)

Final spiff up

Congratulations to Kim and Brian Sellers!

(Advocates of "Restorative Justice" in America; a concept for understanding and healing. Visit to learn more.) Thank you two, for the info. and all!


Katherine Hollins, Angela Liang, and Sarah Cook. Hoping new move, Katherine, has been nice for you and a congratulations too on your new job with SFFI (The Sustaining Family Forest Initiative)! I'm sure your friends miss you, but, have a new place to get away to! Appreciate all of the support you have given to Glass Shack Studio while living in Ann Arbor, :)

Check out: (The Sustaining Family Forest Initiative)

Katherine's Blue Heron- beautiful 

Angela's Koi fish- nice

Sarah's flower that I still show as an example (Woop woop)

Rebecca Hasson's  "Skinny Dipping" mosaic. Along with friends Marcia Louis and Susan Brown, down below. Thank you guys, :)

Rebecca above, Marcia and Susan - thanks for visiting guys!

So nice- hope you are enjoying it somewhere in your home, :)

Nice colors

Thunder bolt

Friends Svetla and Marina

Chicago, by Svetla

Kensington Metro Park by Marina

Goldfish, Under the Sea by Sandy Golden

So cute

Liz Brady's giraffe- down below, friends Victoria and Niketa- thanks for visiting!

Close-up; nice patterns

Victoria Scott's Steampunk 

Awe, that's cool (thanks for the extra glass too :)

Niketa's Lotus flower (Glad you caught your breath after seeing finished product)

And... Voila!

Paula Browne's Under the Sea

Another cute Under the Sea hee 

Kathy Duchane and friends

Thanks Kathy, for all of your support, :)

Neat, hope she enjoys it!

Melanie and James. So nice having you guys, and for your all of your thoughts too! (Hot air balloons are still in studio; I use them as an example, :)

Cuba, nice colors

Mom and daughter

Simona's sunrise (Thank you for the fun and support), and actually pink worked out well, :)

Cherished field hockey stick, :)

Pals having fun; great designing girls!

Martha Bloom with Granddaughter and pal

Quite a fancy penguin

Thank you!

Glass Shack Mosaic Studio
201 E. Liberty St., Ste. 23
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 
(734) 904-4663