Monday, June 1, 2009

Mosaic process- "Direct Method"

People often ask what do I use for the background in  my mosaics? And they also wonder how the glass shards are applied. After much inquiry and hearing various answers regarding what is the best kind of background to use, I have concluded that it is a hard plywood- either an Oak or Birch plywood. These kinds of wood are easily obtainable from your local stores, say like Lowe's. Lowe's will also cut the wood for you.

Here is an image that may help beginner mosaicists see how the process works! This is just one method of applying glass to a surface and it is known as the "direct method". Each shard of glass is applied with Weldbond glue, one shard at a time. The other method would be the "indirect method" which is where you would use like a thin-set mortar and press your glass shards down into it; like a stepping stone type application.

I use the "direct method" as it allows me more time to design my mosaic. 

Feel free to blog any questions you may have about mosaicing! I think you need to sign up to do that- yikes not sure exactly how that works. Let me know if you are having trouble, and I'll try and see about that.

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